Men of the dating world

Hey guys!

Today’s topic of choice is men of the dating world!

Sorry ladies, no pictures today.

I’ve had a lot of bad luck with dating and with men in general. It feels like a constant battle of wills and even the most savvy, rational woman can be turned into a stark raving lunatic over a bloke that is liking someone else’s selfie.

Personally, I hate dating. My past experiences have tainted my outlook on the dating scene and left me closed and wary but that isn’t always such a bad thing.

Because I am taking a break from the whole fiasco, I decided to have a think back over my dating past and suss out the main types of guys there are in the  dating world.

I’ve made a brief list of the top 3 types of guy you will come across in your dating life.

  1. The Self Confessed Nice Guy

We all know them. You may have dated them, they may have asked you on a date or you may just have them randomly commenting on your pictures every day. That sickly sweet, butt kisser that tells you how you should be treated like a Queen/Princess/Goddess and how he will do all of this stuff for you and blah, blah, blah. They’re the type that stalk your stuff, always the first the like/comment, that ‘good morning beautiful’ text even though you’re not together, that constant presence in your life that puts you on edge. They start off friendly but they escalate quickly to near stalker levels and when you reject them, boy do they lose it big style! You go from being worshipped to being called every name under the sun; you’re ugly, fat, worthless, no wonder you’re single and so on. Yawn. Move on, little boy and learn to handle rejection like an adult.

2. The Peacock

Always on their phone but takes forever to reply to you. Gym/protein shake pictures are a prominent feature on Instagram. Snapchats an entire night out. Calls you by the wrong name (been there, wasn’t impressed). Steers conversation towards himself. They’re the type of lad your eye is drawn to, not always because they’re super attractive, just because of their air of confidence or cockiness as it ends up being.

3. Mr Casual

They have many names: fuck buddy, friend with benefits, booty call. You talk now and then. Always up for a ‘bit of fun’. Possibly committed to their work or just keeping their options open.  Arm candy. I have one of these. Distance and work comes into play for both of us. We both know that we’re not relationship material for each other but we enjoy a quick chat now and then plus he has abs and arms that would make you lose your mind. A ‘Mr Casual’ is not the same as  a one night stand, just to clarify.

As you may be able to tell, the ‘self confessed nice guys’ are my  most hated type of man. I’ve endure a lot of abusive messages off them because they often mistake my kindness for flirting.

This is by no means a definitive list of the guys you’ll meet/date but they are the 3 most common ones that I have had the *ahem* ‘pleasure’ of coming across.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my fairly lighthearted view on my terrible taste in men. I’m off to sleep off the rest of this hangover in the beautiful English sun.

Happy Bank Holiday!




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