The Collection So Far

If you’ve ever seen my instagram, between the nights out and animal pictures, you will have noticed that I have a large variety of F1 tshirts.

I love the bizarre ones, the tastefully offensive, the ones people don’t often have so I’m always on the search for the next one.

So, here is a run down of my tees and where they are from. Apologies that I can’t remember where 2 of them are from and that I’ve possibly missed some out that are in the wash but I will add them in ASAP. Another, I had made for me so it’s pretty easy to have replicated.

Red Bull

I think I might actually own the majority of the Red Bull store and, honestly, I have zero regrets. The hoodie is one of the comfiest items of clothing I have ever owned and it has a lovely little kangaroo-y poach! The tshirts, also awesome, are amazing quality and I pretty much live in my garage print top.

My only issue with the store is that it is lacking when it comes to the female section. The males have nicer designs and more range and, even in the small, they hang off me like a tent.

GridToons via Petrol Threads


GridToons has some of THE best F1 related tshirts you could possibly want! It’s not just tshirts though, they also do mugs (I have a Marcus Ericsson one). The quality is amazing, you can choose your colour, your style and the position of your print. I am in love with these designs, completely and totally. The fit is a little loose but hey, I’m not so picky about that. The designs are by the lovely Chris Rathbone so if you get a chance, check them out because you won’t be disappointed.

Red Bubble

So, quite obviously, I have a Schumacher shirt. This is definitely my favourite design on Red Bubble of him. The site has a hell of a lot of F1 and other racing related tops so have a browse. I’d link you to each individually but, for the life of me, I can’t remember where abouts each is from *sorry*.

Shot Dead In The Head


Some absolute genius was wearing this at Silverstone last year so, naturally, I had to own it. For less than 20 quid, it was an amazing investment! I feel the need to either flex or do the biggest cheesy smile ever whenever I put it on.


Of the shirts above, I only know where 2 are from *oops* and they’re both Mercedes related. The Mercedes top is from the official Mercedes shop, I used it to *lovingly* poke fun at Hamilton fans at Halloween and then create my ‘Mercedes conspiracy’ outfit for Advent which will be lurking somewhere on my Twitter or Instagram.

The Mario Andretti top was a gem of a find that I’ve had since the backend of ’15 I think, only issue is that it’s ridiculously tight but otherwise, top drawn brilliance.

My baby Bianchi was bought not long after his passing so it hold a certain significance for me, it is from the same place as the Maldonado top but, unfortunately, I have no idea where the hell that is.

And finally, my ‘Team Nicola Rosenberg’ was a creation of my own doing. The running joke that has stemmed from Nico Rosberg’s team calling him ‘Nicola’ and a tweet from a snooker player, whose name slips my mind, in which he called Rosberg ‘Rosenberg’ instead. Combine the two and ‘Team Nicola Rosenberg’ was born! I bought my 2 friends the same top for our holiday to Monaco pre Rosberg retirement so our joke is kind of ruined now.


I have more, lurking in a washing basket or suitcase, so I will update as and when they are found/washed.

For now, hope you’ve enjoyed the visual rummage through my drawers and I’ve inspired you to splash some dosh!… I also hope you appreciate one of my fat cats in the background of the majority of my pictures, she’s the least helpful cowriter ever and she’s still in the same position now as when I started taking the pictures.





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