Second Date, Maybe?

People overestimate how many dates I go on. In my entire 23 years, I’ve been on 4 so I’m not exactly very knowledgeable about this malarkey.

I like the idea of the traditional dates but I’m easily bored so, after sifting through my own little brain, I came up with some date ideas that would guarantee I would be wanting a second.

*All of these ideas are my personal preference because, obviously, I can only write from my own point of view*

Zoo Dates

Okay, this would probably be the best and worst idea for a date for people like me. There would be a high chance that you wouldn’t be spoken to for long periods of time while I ran off to squeal at different animals. Ask yourself this though, if you got to watch this person you kinda/sorta like, wandering around, all shiny eyes and ear to ear smiles, how could you not decide then and there if you wanted a second date? It’s different. It’s special. It’s romantic and relaxing. It’s minimal effort really but with an outstanding effect.

Adventure Dates

Adrenaline rush with a side of hottie, anyone? Ultimate date goals. It takes into account your date’s interests and shows that you have actually listened to them…

Go Ape isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for a date. All that sweating and tomato face-ness isn’t exactly attractive but COME ON! Live a little. It’s so much fun plus one wrong move and your date will have to catch you when you fall.

Traditional Dates


Right. Well. Admittedly, Alnwick Treehouse Restaurant isn’t your traditional date but it is a restaurant so I’m counting it, kinda. Traditional with a twist would be a better take on this. Restaurants and bars with some personality such as The Alchemist in Leeds are perfect settings for dates. They add character and stops your dates from blurring into the rest of the ‘let’s go for food/drinks and chat’ dates that are ever so popular.


I’m aware that not everyone will share my views on this. I just like a little more excitement in my life than the stereotypical drinks and a chat or cinema dates. I’d rather someone make an effort to do something that they know I will really enjoy.

Be original. Be unique. Step outside your comfort zone and you may be rewarded.

Until next time…




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