F1 Testing Tantrum

I didn’t really want to write anything about testing. I followed it mainly on social media via the likes of Luke Smith and Will Buxton as well as various team accounts so I would have been using a lot of second hand information that everyone would have already seen *what’s the point?*

BUT I had to mention one thing, one massive grievence, that finally pushed me over the edge during testing and that was Lance Stroll. Not him personally but the reaction to him.

As promise, I made a video to get my anger at the Stroll situation properly.

Apologies for the accent, my voice is horrific and for the ridiculous amount of hand movements. I’m one of those people that talks a lot with their hands.

I highly doubt videos will be a part of my regular posting but they do help to properly get my point across about certain things.

Until next time…




One thought on “F1 Testing Tantrum

  1. Hi, very valid points. It’s just the usual gutter press seizing on any story to put a driver down…… grrrrr


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