Dear Mum…

Dear mum,

Where do I start?

You’re my harshest critic. The one that knows which buttons to press to really anger me.

You never approve of my decisions: my make up is too much, my dress is too revealing, I drink too much, I spend money on crap, my taste in men is terrible.

You judge me harshly.

But you do it for all the right reasons.

My revealing dress nearly got me attacked one New Year.

My excessive drinking left me stranded 8 miles from home at 4am.

My taste in men leaves me pulling my hair out, crying and trying to make myself what they want.

Your seemingly harsh judgements are meant out of love. 

You worry about me. 

My dress and makeup give off the wrong impression.

My drinking and taste in men leave me vulnerable and easily exploited.

You’ve seen the best and worst moments of my life.

You’ve comforted me through the death of 3 friends, picking me up off the bathroom floor when I couldn’t move for crying.

You’ve bathed my cuts and sat by my hospital bed when I wanted to die.

You’ve been my rock and I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for puking in your car when I got drunk underage (x10).

I’m sorry for ringing you to rescue me when I tried to walk the 10 miles home at 4am.

I’m sorry for the heartache and worry I’ve caused you. The fact you’ve never forgiven yourself for leaving me at the hospital *don’t worry, I forgive you*.

I promise you will always be my number 1.

I promise I will ring you everyday when I move away so you ‘don’t end up dead for days being eaten by the cat’ *her words, not mine*

I promise I’ll bring my future children to see you often and let you pick what they call you. Nan? Granny? *this is weird

I promise to always discuss a new Jonathan Creek episode with you and recommend you my latest good reads.

You’re my harshest critic and my biggest fan. I know you still have the bowl I made you when I was 8 *it’s lopsided and crudely painted. Please get rid*.

You made me the strong person I am today and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all your love and nurturing over the years.




Every parent/child relationship is different. You may be closer to one parent than the other. You may be from a single parent home/have guardians. Give them some love this Mothers day. A cuppa, a thank you, a smile. The little gestures.


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