Racing Around The World – F1 Edition

I’ve always had wanderlust. The thought of staying at home for an entire year makes me claustrophobic so being able to combine my love of racing with travel is a win/win for me.

After travelling to my first abroad race in Monaco in May, I started to make a list, a very expensive list may I say, of all the races I plan on selling organs to attend and a few reasons why.

Melbourne – Australia 

Image result for australian gp
Credit: Sky SportsF1

Melbourne marks the start of the season when all F1 fans ditch the hobbies they’ve pretended to have for the long, dark 4 months of the winter break and what better way to kick it off than by basking in the sunshine and watching some racing.

Melbourne is known to be one of the most vibrant cities in the world with exceptional day and night life alike with activities such as multiple lovely beaches and parks as well as Melbourne Zoo and Aquarium to be explored and enjoyed during the day and a multitude of bars and clubs to ‘experience’.  It is also the Culinary capital of Australia so, Mark Webber advises everyone to eat as much as they want or can.

Not only does the Australian GP offer sun and beautiful surroundings but it’s also the home race of the most lovable man on the grid, Daniel Ricciardo.

Start of the season, sun and Daniel Ricciardo. I don’t need any more reasons for Australia to be on my list.

Credit: Alex Coppel

Barcelona – Spain

Credit: Team

Ah Spain. Never leave F1. With a combination of high and low-speed corners, it offers a good bit of action for everyone and also marks the start of the GP3 season where, to say the least, anything can happen.

With 2 Spaniards on the grid, the atmosphere will always be electric and not getting caught up in it is near impossible. Support them or not, you will be an honorary Alonso/Sainz fan for the weekend.

Away from the racing, Barcelona is a hugely popular tourist destination due to the beautiful Gothic architecture of Old town, the likes of the Picasso museum and Museu del Futbol Club Barcelona and beaches for the sun worshippers. Barcelona offers something for all.

nando carlos
Credits: Fernando Alonso

Spa Francochamps – Belgium

eau rouge.jpg


That’s it. That’s my reason to go to Spa.

No, I’m kidding.

Spa is a picturesque circuit that is mainly unchanged since it’s opening and GA offers amazing views of more remote areas of the track such as the extremely popular Eau Rouge. Just remember your waterproofs and comfortable shoes, between the very changeable weather and Spa being the longest circuit on the calendar, you will need both to explore the circuit.

Monza – Italy

ferrari monza
Credit: Joe McGowen

Italy. Ferrari. Show me a better coupling please?

Monza is one of the fastest circuits and the home race for the prancing ponies, arguably one of the best teams on the grid so why not Monza? Why wouldn’t you want to be wrapped up in the overwhelming atmosphere thanks to the Italians fans?

Monza doesn’t just offer some great racing but there is the added benefit of the most amazing food around. Racing and good food, a winning combination in my eyes.


Sinagpore Grand Prix Practice

I’ve visited Singapore a good 10 years ago and loved everything about it except the humidity so to go back for racing would be a dream come true.

Singapore is the original night race. Floodlit track action by night and a multicultural world to explore during the day.  The city offers boats tours to allow you to fully appreciate its true beauty.

The iconic and peanut shell covered floor of the Raffles Hotel offers some amazing drink FYI, pricey but amazing.

P.S. Singapore Zoo Night Safari. Do it and you won’t regret it.

Yas Marina – Abu Dhabi

Credit: Yas Marina

Glamorous. Extravagant. Lavish. Yas Marina knows how to host a season finale that rivals GoT.

The season finale will always have made the list. To be amongst the crowd as a new World Champion is crowned is, in my opinion, a dream come true.

The atmosphere of the season finale rivals non other even that of Monza and Silverstone. Maybe it’s the possibility of 3 new series champions *GP3, F2 and F1 all come to an end in Yas Marina* or maybe it’s being in the varsity of some of the richest people in the world but it is, without a doubt, something I NEED to experience.


*Silverstone and Monaco aren’t featured because, as much as I loved them, I’ve experienced them both this year.

What is on your F1 bucket list?

Thankfully, I have some awesome friends that will come with me to various races so Spa and Monza are already being planned for 2018.

Thank you for the read and a MotoGP edition will be up soon enough.

For now,





One thought on “Racing Around The World – F1 Edition

  1. At the risk of sounding like a stalker (which i hope im not), the races you’ve mentioned (including Silverstone and Monaco) are definitely on my bucket list of places to go and experience.
    Suzuka would be a race I’d consider going to.. but i think I’d probably use that opportunity to go see the sights, lights and food there.
    I don’t think I’d be able to say I want to go to one more than another simply because each have their own charms.. Monaco and Silverstone for example.. Monaco with its glitz and glamour while the atmosphere at Silverstone I’d imagine would be insane.. along with the ability to actually camp trackside with mates (and new friends if you’re fortunate enough to meet/make any) for the whole weekend would be fun in itself!


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