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High School: F1 Edition

Oh Lordy, Lordy, Lordy! What a few weeks it has been in the world of F1.

Grid girls, grid kids, the racing world revolving around the one and only Fernando Alonso. Bit of a rollercoaster and, honestly, I’m a bit dizzy and want to get off this ride now.

I’ve honestly felt like I’ve been back in school. The bickering, the bitchiness, the constant rule changes, the favouritism. Deja vu. I’m sure I left 6 years ago…

Let me break it down for you into some categories that most, if not all, schools/classes had *The people who fit these categories at my school still fit them*:

The Leery Creep

The Opinionated Arsehole

The Prefect*normally knocked off their moral high horse after their first drink*

The Teacher’s Pet

So, we’ll start at the very beginning. A very good place to start *chronologically at least*….

The Leery Creep

We had the ‘shocking’ announcement that they would be removing grid girls from F1, following on from the likes of darts *obviously they’re not grid girls but you know* and Formula E *we’ll talk later about that*.


PERSONALLY, I do not give a flying fuck either way but, lo and behold, the announcement has unearthed some closet women’s rights activists!

I’ve seen so many ridiculous comments floating round on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook about this.

‘F1 is dead’

‘RIP F1’

‘It’s a tradition!’

‘It’s ruining the show’


My mind boggles at how many times I saw the same comments floating around about how it was ruining things or how they were losing fans. I thought F1 was about the cars, the racing, the talent. Not about the women you see for 30 seconds *may be longer, I don’t pay attention* with a board in a skimpy outfit *not always skimpy but you catch my drift*. If that’s all you take from a race weekend, a bit of soft porn *some of the outfits can be a bit much* then I’m concerned about you. London Fashion Week may be more of your jam than a race track full to the brim with testosterone and blokes if I’m honest.

I’m all for women doing their thing and doing what they enjoy. My only issue is that, because I’m a female, the first and ONLY thing men *not tarring you all with the same brush, just the ones that message me* think you want to be when you say you want to work in motorsports is that you want to be a grid girl.

Let’s get a few things straight here;

1) People would actually pay to not see me in lycra.

2) I have the coordination of a drunk toddler and am a grand total of 5’2 so the sign would most definitely end up in/on the car.

And 3) I like to write and I like to talk so standing like a teapot would not be my thing *I also can’t control my face/eyebrow and have a mega resting bitch face*

THERE! That’s it! That is my only issue with grid girls.

I don’t feel intimidated by them *others may and I understand where they’re coming from on that* I just think it’s a dated tradition these days when we’re trying to encourage women to join the world of racing and you mainly see them used as decorations.

The Opinionated Arsehole



But then came the ‘child labour’ comments. The people who don’t like change, digging for a reason to be negative. The ‘traditionalist’ and health and safety nuts that argue how the ‘show’ won’t be the same without the ‘pretty girls and fast cars’ or how dangerous it is for kids to be around the cars.


Honestly, y’all sound R.I.D.ICULOUS.

Kids meeting their idols, having the opportunity to experience that world is an amazing reward for their hard work and efforts. It’s a reward that very few can afford and getting to actually stand that close to the cars, teams and drivers as they do all their last-minute preparation is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Let’s face it, many of these kids will have grown up being told that, like a lot of us, our ‘outlandish’ dreams are just that ‘dreams’ and we should focus on something more obtainable, to ‘settle’. So why not!? Why not reward their work to get where they are? To be the best in their series? What is so wrong with encouraging their hard work instead of picking fault?

The Prefect

Formula E have done the grid kid thing before. They are slightly ahead of the times with that and with the fan participation bit so we all applauded and put them on the pedestal to show the non believers that FE is good and proper….


But oh how the mighty have fallen. No sooner had they made a dig at Formula 1 and ‘welcomed’ them to the future, it was announced that they would be using grid girls in their next race.

Can I offer you some concealer to cover up that red face you’ve got there, FE?


The Teacher’s Pet

Fernando Alonso has been confirmed as the only racing driver to exist in the entire world!


Dramatic, I know but that is exactly how it feels!

So, the key points of this are as follows:

WEC had rearranged the date of the 6 Hours of Fuji to prevent a clash with IMSA Petit Le Mans where some of the WEC drivers are already racing.

*Fernando Alonso enters stage right with Toyota*

WEC notice that 6 Hours of Fuji clashes with the US GP.


Where is the justice? I like Fernando and I don’t believe for one minute that he’s turned around, dummy flying from pram, and demanded they change it for him *I’m rooting for you here, Fernando, you better not have been a diva*.

Quite obviously, this has been big news and I imagine has brought the series to the attention of many other people but JESUS GUYS! There are better ways to make headlines than to piss off an entire grid of people and cause a good few bitchy comments *rightly so in my opinion*.

Last but not least(slight side note really)…the 2018 liveries.

So far we have a slightly brighter white HAAS and a Williams with more black. Both sporting the halo obviously *another thing I’ve no strong feelings about* but pretty much the same old livery with slightly more/newer paint.

I’m hoping to be wowed newt week by some amazing design or drastic colour change… or even an OTT presentation but I’m not holding my breath.

*Prays for 2017 Force India style livery change/reveal* Props to whoever decided that because I WAS SPEECHLESS!

So yes, once again, Twitter has been full of petty arguments, ‘loyal’ fans and just general childish behaviour that make me question why I’m part of this fanbase.

Welcome back to school, guys. Some people’s minds never leave apparently…


What Next?…

I’m not one for uncertainty. I hate surprises and not knowing. Disorganisation is not my thing. I can do spontaneity but only with a few weeks of intense planning beforehand.


At 24, only a year after I qualified as a veterinary nurse and settling into a job I both love and loathe in equal measures, I find myself back into a place of sickening uncertainty.

Last week, I found out that I stand a good chance of being jobless at the end of May as my boss plans to retire and sell up. This is something that has taken both my coworkers and myself as a massive surprise.


So, here I am. Uncertain, pondering my future and what my next step will be.


As a child, I was quiet, painfully shy and anxious in public. I loved science and writing as well as anything to do with animals. I was always my biggest critic and had zero self belief in my own abilities. I didn’t want to rock the boat or go against the norm, I just wanted to blend in.

English presentations were spent shaking uncontrollably, stifling tears, vomit and a looming panic attack as I stood in front of a class of people I had known for years. My wallflower self didn’t cope well-being in the spotlight. I was far more backup dancer than Beyoncé. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

I chose a career based on my love of science instead of my love of both writing and racing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love veterinary nursing but the physical strain it puts on your body is already taking its toll on me. Back pain, creaking knees and all the scars. Not to mention the emotional and psychological anguish it causes. It’s a job that hurts in more ways that one.


I’ve changed a lot since I was a child *naturally* and I’ve grown a lot in more ways than one. I’m more outgoing and happier to put myself out there and be the centre of attention since I started blogging and YouTube *even if I do find sharing my work slightly unnerving*. I’ve developed a strange love for it as I’ve grown more comfortable with myself and stopped second guessing everything I do/say.

I won’t lie, I was heavily influenced by TV and the lack of females in the racing world completely put me off even trying, something I will regret forever. But, the likes of Lee McKenzie, Suzi Perry, Rachel Brooks and Natalie Pinkman sparked something in me, something that I never thought I’d want to do. A far cry from the panicky little girl who would tear up as she tripped over her section in Macbeth that she’d recited in her head 1000x *I was one of the witches for goodness sake, it wasn’t like I was speaking completely alone*.

I’d love to join the racing world. To join the likes of my idols reporting and presenting has become a dream of mine since hitting my twenties but where do I begin? How does one even get into something like this? It baffles me.

So, here I am. Confused, uncertain and a little bit scared.

Do I go with the flow and hope for the best? Look for another veterinary nursing job and accept my career? Or do I follow my new-found dream? *and obviously work towards it whilst still working*


Who knows.

For now, I do my research. Knowledge is power after all *even if it is knowledge of how to get into a new field of work*


The future is a funny old thing and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.


MotoGP: Who Will Fill Folger’s Boots?

This is definitely not how I wanted to start the year!

Jonas Folger has declared himself unfit to race in the MotoGP 2018 season. And by ‘unfit’, I mean he has announced that he, personally, does not feel he has made a good enough ‘recovery’ from Gilbert’s Syndrome.

Gilbert’s Syndrome isn’t, technically, something that can be cured. *Let me get my biology geek on* It’s a rare liver disorder where the liver doesn’t properly process bilirubin *product of red blood cell break down* which prevents it from being excreted from the body. This causes jaundice *yellowing of the skin/gums/eyes*, weakness, abdominal pain, dizziness and fatigue as well as a number of other uncomfortable and distracting symptoms. The symptoms are made worse by excessive exercise, dehydration and stress. *Look at that A Level Biology and Veterinary Nursing qualification coming into play*

So you can see exactly why it’s such a difficult thing for someone such as Jonas to endure when he has such a physically demanding, high stress job.

I’m honestly devastated that he will be sitting out this season because I think he is an under appreciated talent on the grid. But, through teary eyes, I say good luck to him and a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed for a 2019 return.

Who will fill his spot at Tech 3 Yamaha?

There are 4 main contenders for the seat:

Kohta Nozane: Yamaha test rider. Vale tipped him to be Japan’s next MotoGP star *Imagine getting praise like that from someone of his notoriety*

Francesco Bagnaia: 5th in Moto2 during his rookie season and part of Valentino Rossi’s Sky VR46 team. He’s obviously done something right.

Michael Van Der Mark: Yamaha’s go to stand in *I’m joking, sort of…* Replaced Rossi once and Folger twice in 2017.

Alex Lowes: 2016 Silverstone stand in for Bradley Smith and placed 13th. Not bad for your first outing with the big boys.

If you want to check out my thoughts on the options for Folger’s seat, give my YouTube video a watch.

I still haven’t got my head around Jonas not being on the grid but I’m sure as soon as the MotoGP season starts, I will feel a touch better.

Speedy recovery, Jonas. See you on the grid in 2019.

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For now,




F1: The Youngest Partnership

We have an answer and a full grid!

Williams have finally announced Sergey Sirotkin will line up alongside Lance Stroll for 2018.

Shocking news, I know. I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself and regain your breath…

Better? Okay! I’m kidding obviously.

This was pretty anticlimactic, let’s admit it. But, it got me thinking about the 2017 US GP and *those* intros. Why not have a little bit of fun with some of the lighter sides of your announcements?

Mercedes did the tweets. They slipped ’77’ into as many new driver related tweets as physically possible last year and, personally, I enjoyed that little bit of fun. I like the lighter side, the fun side of F1.

I’m not saying they should have put Sirotkin in the middle of a load of nesting dolls or have him jump out in a leotard, dancing some Swan Lake. *Tired clichés, I know* But a little something, a little fun needs to be injected into some areas of the sports so it’s not so robotic and clinical.

Anyway, I put some of my mixed thoughts and feelings on the Williams announcement as well as the F2/GP3 announcements.

I think it’s a rather large gamble to take and I’m quite nervous for Williams but I hope they will prove me wrong. With Kubica as the reserve/test driver, I’m also hoping that he will be able to pass on some advice and expertise to them.

Can you believe that their combined age is only 41?! Crazy.

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I Wasn’t Expecting That…

Well, Ferrari sure know how to get us talking.

After a disastrous couple of years full to demotion, criticism and uncertainty, Daniil Kvyat has secured a place as the development driver for Ferrari. A ray of sunshine on a terribly long, cloudy day for Kvyat.

I’m over the moon for Dany. Truly, I am but I can’t help but wonder where that leaves Antonio Giovinazzi a.k.a. Super Bae. HAAS have already confirmed that they won’t be keeping him as their reserve driver and with Dany as Ferrari’s ‘development driver’, are they not just saying ‘reserve driver’ in a more roundabout way? I don’t know. All I know if that Antonio being overlooked for that role after the Sauber fiasco is RIDICULOUS!


I had a little look at the reserve drivers for the rest of the teams and….wow. Can I just say wow? There are only 3 confirmed. THREE!

I know it’s only mid January but STILL! Your lack of preparation is stressing me out!

So, I decided to do a little video on the matter. A little shuffle through who is with who and who is the least organised team on the grid *cough* Williams, announce your second driver *cough*.





Who do you think deserves the reserve driver roles of the remaining grid?

Do you think Daniil deserved his second(?) chance? *I’m not sure whether to class it as second or third chance*

Tell me in the comments.


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One day, I’ll sync all of them so they have the same name.


But for now, I’m going have a little chill weekend as I’m turning 24 in a grand total on 3 hours *13(th), unlucky for some says the Red Bull fan*





Pyjamas: Fashion’s Real MVP

Pyjamas are the best things in the world. Don’t you agree?

I feel like I have a pair for most occasions.

Tired? Pyjamas.

Hungover? Pyjamas +/- IV drip.

Girly movie night? Pyjamas and pizza.

Overreacted and ruined your life? Hey! Pyjamas with a side of wine will fix that!


I rooted through my pyjamas drawer and found some of my all time favourite sets for various occasions.

Let’s take a little look see…


Let’s Spice Things Up

Silky and little bit of lace. There is nothing sexier than silk and lace. It’s such a classic combination that it makes you feel a million bucks even when you’re feel a little down.

The shorts and plunge neck cami combo shows enough skin to get your date a little hot and bother without giving all that much away.

It’s perfect for not too in your face, shove it down your throat sexiness. My single self just uses it to feel better about herself.

This set is River Island ’16 season.

*I am wearing my bra FYI. My boobs are too big to wear with this without giving you an eyeful*.

It’s All Fun And Games

I loooooove dinosaurs. Have done since I was a child and, at almost 24, the love still burns strong. I also love comfy, silly pyjamas.

This set from ASOS is one of my favourites and, if I’m honest, is the set that I pull out of my drawer most nights.

The shorts have enough tightness that you don’t feel like your bits are on show when you’re lying down, shovelling crisps into your face, 4 hours into your latest Netflix binge. BUT, there is enough give in them so you don’t feel like you’re being cut in half.

Honestly, I laugh every time I wear this and I have Ann Summers to thank for it.

‘I love you with all my boobs’. As a woman with *ahem* sizeable assets, this instantly spoke to me.

The long tshirt style top/dress is really roomy and so comfortable for slobbing round it. Just be careful not to stand near any draughts or you’ll give everyone a shocking surprise…. or wear undies.

50 Shades Of… I’ve Never Seen The Films, Sorry


Another Ann Summers creation. The swing top and loose shorts mean that, if you’re not careful, you could easily give someone a bit of a shock.

The material is super soft, it feel so nice. This is my go to hangover outfit. Not only does it have enough give so you don’t feel like you’re being squished in the middle but the lightweight material means that when you reach that top flush stage of hangover *like me* you won’t burn to death.

Teddy Bear Vibes


This New Look dressing gown makes me feel like I’m a teddy bear. So fluffy and warm, I could live in it forever.

The hood is the perfect addition to the dressing gown because *once again* if you’re hungover, you can hide deep in it from all your shameful behaviour the night before.

How do people live without dressing gowns? Seriously?!


Pyjamas and dressing gowns are honestly the greatest creations on this planet.

If you sleep in them or just wear them around the house after a long day, they are brilliant.

Big up the pyjamas for always having my back and giving me the ‘But I’m already in my pyjamas’ excuse when I get invited out after 7:30pm.

You’re the real MVP.


Prema; A Token Of Gratitude.

I sing their praises on a weekly basis so it’s time I put into proper words my gratitude for them.

Dear Prema,

Yes. It’s me again. That one that tweets you every week and tries to one up your GIF game.

I’ve supported you since the start of 2016 when you came into GP2 as the rookie team. Only two small season but what seasons they have been!

I’d only just started watching and you had Pierre so you were the natural choice to support. I’ve always loved the underdog and that was how I saw you. The newbies and the rookies with a rookie of Antonio but, boy, did you make me proud to support you.

You’ve nurtured so many talents. It’s obvious how amazing you are as a team by the number of your past drivers now gracing the F1 grid or tipped for future seats. 5 drivers, a quarter of the grid have previously graced your seats through many different formulas.

You filled my weekends with joy and sometimes tears.

Not for one second did I think that I would end up dedicating most of my weekends to cheering you on. It’s been years since I cried over a team. Congratulations, you ousted Ferrari from that spot.

Baku was the moment I knew you were the team for me. The rookie team, the rookie driver. 2 wins and a storming drive from the back. You screamed, you celebrated, you looked on Antonio in wonder and you weren’t alone in that. In spirit, I was with you. I screamed, I celebrated, I was dumbfounded by what I had just witnessed. I couldn’t believe my eyes and couldn’t work out why I was crying over this man and team I had only watched for 3 races.

I still remember the bruises on my legs and strange looks after your 1-2 victory in Silverstone last year. I couldn’t contain my joy and, next thing I knew, I was falling into the row in front, still cheering.


Pierre and Antonio showed us what you could do, how you could get the very best from your drivers. All you need was the right team dynamic, people who will be with you all the way. It was difficult, I’ll admit, to watch them fight so hard on track. I struggled to decide who was my favourite *Antonio won that battle* but I wanted them both to succeed so badly. And to see them standing on that podium race after race, week after week filled me with joy I honestly didn’t believe I could get from racing.

You included us in your little games and your team rituals. Cake to the face on your birthday, no one was safe, no matter your role in the team. Your driver quizzes and games. You all looked so happy together every weekend, it was a rarity to see a glum face.

I’d never seen a team work so well together and be so supportive. You were and still are a family unit, you know how to pick your drivers up after a bad result and you know how best to celebrate *with lots of hugs and champagne obviously*.

Not once have I heard a complaint, only apologies after a bad results. Charles’ deepest apologies in Monaco to a team he obviously held so dear to his heart brought a tear to my eyes. Hey, I think I may have deafened a few fans around me screaming from Rocher after his car troubles and I had to take a minute to stop myself from crying in front of them even though I knew they were probably feeling the same as me.

charlescharles 3

It’s strange to admit this. That one team is the reason I get up ridiculously early, that one team is the reason I fell, head over heels, in love with a sport like GP2/F2. I can’t thank you enough for the memories and the joy watching you has brought me over the past 2 seasons.

Grazie mille, congratulazioni e buono fortuna per il prossimo ano.