Pyjamas: Fashion’s Real MVP

Pyjamas are the best things in the world. Don’t you agree?

I feel like I have a pair for most occasions.

Tired? Pyjamas.

Hungover? Pyjamas +/- IV drip.

Girly movie night? Pyjamas and pizza.

Overreacted and ruined your life? Hey! Pyjamas with a side of wine will fix that!


I rooted through my pyjamas drawer and found some of my all time favourite sets for various occasions.

Let’s take a little look see…


Let’s Spice Things Up

Silky and little bit of lace. There is nothing sexier than silk and lace. It’s such a classic combination that it makes you feel a million bucks even when you’re feel a little down.

The shorts and plunge neck cami combo shows enough skin to get your date a little hot and bother without giving all that much away.

It’s perfect for not too in your face, shove it down your throat sexiness. My single self just uses it to feel better about herself.

This set is River Island ’16 season.

*I am wearing my bra FYI. My boobs are too big to wear with this without giving you an eyeful*.

It’s All Fun And Games

I loooooove dinosaurs. Have done since I was a child and, at almost 24, the love still burns strong. I also love comfy, silly pyjamas.

This set from ASOS is one of my favourites and, if I’m honest, is the set that I pull out of my drawer most nights.

The shorts have enough tightness that you don’t feel like your bits are on show when you’re lying down, shovelling crisps into your face, 4 hours into your latest Netflix binge. BUT, there is enough give in them so you don’t feel like you’re being cut in half.

Honestly, I laugh every time I wear this and I have Ann Summers to thank for it.

‘I love you with all my boobs’. As a woman with *ahem* sizeable assets, this instantly spoke to me.

The long tshirt style top/dress is really roomy and so comfortable for slobbing round it. Just be careful not to stand near any draughts or you’ll give everyone a shocking surprise…. or wear undies.

50 Shades Of… I’ve Never Seen The Films, Sorry


Another Ann Summers creation. The swing top and loose shorts mean that, if you’re not careful, you could easily give someone a bit of a shock.

The material is super soft, it feel so nice. This is my go to hangover outfit. Not only does it have enough give so you don’t feel like you’re being squished in the middle but the lightweight material means that when you reach that top flush stage of hangover *like me* you won’t burn to death.

Teddy Bear Vibes


This New Look dressing gown makes me feel like I’m a teddy bear. So fluffy and warm, I could live in it forever.

The hood is the perfect addition to the dressing gown because *once again* if you’re hungover, you can hide deep in it from all your shameful behaviour the night before.

How do people live without dressing gowns? Seriously?!


Pyjamas and dressing gowns are honestly the greatest creations on this planet.

If you sleep in them or just wear them around the house after a long day, they are brilliant.

Big up the pyjamas for always having my back and giving me the ‘But I’m already in my pyjamas’ excuse when I get invited out after 7:30pm.

You’re the real MVP.


A&A: Adulting with Acne

Since the day I hit puberty to today, my most Googled word is ‘acne’.

As soon as I hit puberty at 15, I was looking forward to the day when I was an ‘adult’ and didn’t have to worry about acne.

AHAHAHAHAHAH! How’s that going for you, Josie?

Not good, not good at all.

Stress, hormones, bad diet, late nights; my adolescence was everything that would set off breakouts.

Flash forward to me at 23. Stress, yes. Hormones, yes. Better diet, regular exercise, 2 litres of water daily. Still breaking out.

I was sick to the back teeth of seeing fresh faced, clear skinned women preaching about the products they ‘can’t live without’ but looking like they’ve never seen a pimple in their entire lives.

Whereas I am not so fresh faced…. Fair does, they will have and I am judging, literally, on skin value but being pale, and I mean Casper style, Snow White, sheet of paper level of pale, my acne and the scarring left behind waves at you from across 8 football pitches.


I did a bit of research, tried some products, to find what worked for me and what just did not at all.

My general facial wash routine is fairly simple but it massively varies on how my skin feels on the day.

Morning: Wash with Soap and Glory ‘The Fab Pore’. Bish, bosh, that’s it. – brilliant for removing the crud left on your face from drool (I’m lush, I know), last night’s skincare and for also removing as much oil as possible, making your face lovely and matte.

Night time: Remove makeup (if it’s a weekend) with Simple ‘Cleansing Oil’. – I’ve found that even though my skin in massively oily, this is THE BEST for removing heavy makeup without scrubbing your face for hours with makeup wipes.

Wash with Liz Earle ‘Hot Cleanse and Polish’. – not only does the muslin give a gentle exfoliate, it also removes the remaining makeup stuck in your pores.

Low setting exfoliate with ‘BaByliss True Glow Brush’. Once weekly, high setting with ‘Garnier Pure Active Charcoal Scrub’, my skin gets too raw if I use it more that twice weekly.  The brush is wonderful for getting the daily gunk out of your pores and the weekly high setting is amazing for a thorough deep clean of your pores combined with the extra grainy charcoal exfoliator really goes to town on your blackheads, starter spots and any other imperfections lurking on your face.

Thorough facial wash with Lush ‘Dark Angels‘ facial wash. – MY GO TO FOREVER! It leaves my skin so fresh and matte whilst the charcoal helps reduce acne and other imperfections. I can’t describe how much I love it.

Once weekly, a combination of L’Oreal Masks in ‘Detox‘ and ‘Purity‘. – For oily, spotty skin, this combination is superb.


My post wash routines, however, drastically vary.


Cleanse with Neurogena ‘Blackhead Eliminating Cleansing Lotion’. – Removes the extra oil on your face, leaving it oil free and perfect base.

Second cleanse with Nip+Fab ‘Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads’ all over my face with the bumpy edge. – Reeeeeeeally helps to smooth the lumps and bumps of blocked pores and it smells so good!

Spot treatment Boots ‘Skin Clear Ultra Treatment Cream’ – It’s cheap, it works. Why splash out on ridiculously extensive spot treatments when this works just as well?

Eye cream No7 ‘Early Defence’ – I’m already paranoid about wrinkles under my eyes and I hate my dark circles so this is a must for me to hide the fact I’m running on lots of coffee and a couple of hours sleep.

Moisturiser has to be Simple ‘Anti Blemish’ – It leaves your skin matte and smooth, makeup ready or, in my case, work ready. The matte lasts for about 3-4 hours which, for a moisturiser, is pretty fair going.


Night time:

Post wash cleanse with Nip+Fab ‘Glycolic Fix Night Pads’ – bumpy side, once again, to remove all the excess crud and refine the bumpiness which makes it baby butt soft.

Oil serum is Kiehl’s ‘Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate’ – this is literally the most expensive item I own but, HOLY MOSES, it is phenomenal. It does wonders to reduce the scarring on my face, reducing the pigmentation, making the scars fade. You only use 2-3 drops at a time so it lasts for ages.

Eye cream on a night is slightly different Nip+Fab ‘Bee Sting Eye Fix’ – plumps and smooths around the eye. Heavy feel so night time is best for it. It lasts for a good while since you only need a teeny amount.

Night cream is another No7 product, ‘Early Defence Night Cream’ – So soft, so perfumed, so little needs to be used. It plumps the skin, that’s for sure but it does make my skin verrrrry greasy hence using it on a night. I have the day cream but avoid using it if I’m going out for that exact reason.



My skin has majorly improved as of late thanks to a religious skincare routine but not all products work for everyone.

I did originally try products like ProActiv which worked so well until I realised I was allergic and I wanted to take a cheese grater to my neck and face.

Skincare is a journey of discovery and it’s full of mistakes, many expensive but when you find the right stuff, it’s a match *in the words of Tinder*.

This is a very rough first go at something non motorsports so this is very rough. Apologies. Also, sorry for my makeupless, pj clad, post shower selfies.

For now,